Highlight the current page navagation

Usability guru Jakob Nielsen says you must tell your users where they can go, where they are and where they’ve been. This particular tip is about where the user is. This sort of feedback is crucial if you want to show your users where they are within your site.

Your navigation needs BB2.0 if statements that print a class if you are currently on that page, you need to make sure you have a <page_home value=”current”> on all of the relevant pages to make sure the class get’s printed.

<nav id=”topNav”>     
                <li <!—:if:page|page_home:{print:class=’navon’}:—»<a href=”/” title=”Home”>Home</a></li>
                <li <!—:if:page|page_product:{print:class=’navon’}:—»<a href=”/?product_tour” title=”Product Tour”>Product Tour</a></li>
                <li <!—:if:page|page_demo:{print:class=’navon’}:—»<a href=”/?demo” title=”Demo”>Demo</a></li>
                <li <!—:if:page|page_pricing:{print:class=’navon’}:—»<a href=”/?pricing” title=”Pricing”>Pricing</a></li>
                <li <!—:if:page|page_support:{print:class=’navon’}:—»<a href=”/?support” title=”Support”>Support</a></li>
                <li <!—:if:page|page_docs:{print:class=’navon’}:—»<a href=”/?km” title=”Docs & Tutorials”>Docs & Tutorials</a></li>
                <li <!—:if:page|page_events:{print:class=’navon’}:—»<a href=”/?events” title=”Events”>Events</a></li>
                <li <!—:if:page|page_company:{print:class=’navon’}:—»<a href=”/?company” title=”Company”>Company</a></li>
                <li <!—:if:page|page_blog:{print:class=’navon’}:—»<a href=”/?blog” title=”Blog”>Blog</a></li>
                <li <!—:if:page|page_contact:{print:class=’navon’}:—»<a href=”/?contact” title=”Contact”>Contact</a></li>

Paul de Villiers starts off the second part of The BlueBox seminar with a video from Mozila labs showing off their Mozilla Seabird concept, you can read more here - http://www.MozillaLabs.com/seabird. The BlueBox is excited about this development because it is going to be browser based. The BlueBox develops custom fit software, we build software that will fit your business.

Stop reading productivity blogs and do some work..
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    CSS Frameworks: Make the Right Choice

    Even though this video is 2 years old, I still believe it’s relevant today.

    "SitePoint CTO Kevin Yank presented this talk at Web Directions South 2009 in Sydney, Australia on Friday, October 9th, 2009. With the proliferation and widespread adoption of JavaScript frameworks, smart developers have wondered if a similar approach to smoothing over the rough spots of CSS might work. Thus, CSS frameworks like Blueprint, YUI Library CSS Tools, Boilerplate, and many others were born. In this session, we will survey the landscape of CSS frameworks and consider how each of them deals with the unique challenge of creating generalised, reusable CSS styles. There are a number of different approaches, and some are better than others. Choose the right framework and you’ll save yourself a lot of work. Choose the wrong one, and you’ll find your projects weighed down by restrictive assumptions and masses of code that you don’t understand. When it comes to CSS frameworks, making the right choice is everything. By the end of this session, you might just decide that the right framework for you is no framework at all."