Paul de Villiers starts off the second part of The BlueBox seminar with a video from Mozila labs showing off their Mozilla Seabird concept, you can read more here - The BlueBox is excited about this development because it is going to be browser based. The BlueBox develops custom fit software, we build software that will fit your business.

CSS Resets

When developing a new BlueBox website that looks best in all browsers you need reset all the browsers in order to remove irregularities that will occur when styling. If you don’t you will battle to get your website to look the same in IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. This could have easily been one of the biggest headaches I had when I was learning to develop websites. I have now seen the proverbial light and can’t imagine going back to developing without a CSS Reset.

There are many different CSS resets out there on the web but the one that I have found that works best when developing a BlueBox website is Eric Meyer’s (It’s also the first Google result for CSS Resets) , I have been using it for just under a year and I find it an extremely helpful CSS base to start from. 

Click here for a copy of Eric’s Reset file.

When using it I would suggest adding it to the top of your CSS file and then build from there. You could just call the reset.css by it’s self however that would be another http request for the browser to execute when your website loads so I wouldn’t recommend it.

How do you get past browser irregularities?

Carl Verster introducing Paul de Villiers who then talks about his ideas, vision and passion for The BlueBox. Paul then discusses apps and mobile solutions and a little bit about why The BlueBox is web-based. Paul believes proprietary apps are the all the buzz now however the future is going to be about writing applications for a browser. Paul review’s the past year in the UK and South Africa. The iPad gets mention and Paul shares his business perspective about the browser-based development The BlueBox does and is going to be doing. Carl then shares his thoughts about browsers and tablets, he also mentions how well The BlueBox is positioned from a software technology perspective. He then talks about the you and how they are interacting with technology. Paul poses the question, “Why should my company be in the app store?” and then ends off briefly showing off a website that was built as an app.

A Snapshot of 2011 The BlueBox Semminar